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Motivation & Achieving Goals

Leadership Training & Teambuilding

Conflict Resolution

Family Businesses and Medical Practices

Career Development

"Business is people working with people"

A person with better “people skills” has substantially increased opportunities for success. David has advanced degrees and extensive training and experience in business and in working with people on relationship skills. He is uniquely qualified to help businesses and organizations with personnel and interpersonal issues, including:

Academy of Executive Coaching
  • Executive Motivation & Promotion
  • Team Building
  • Interpersonal Communications & Relationship Skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress & Anger Management
  • Career Development
  • Problem Solving, Negotiation Techniques and Mediation
  • Sales Effectiveness
  • Goal Setting and Achievement
  • Personnel Reallocation with Minimum Disturbance
  • Individual Efficiency by Leveraging Time and Resources
  • People Management and Reduction of Costly Turnover

Professional and Executive Coaching

David founded the Academy of Executive Coaching in 1996. The Academy has dual purposes: (1) to teach coaching skills to select individuals with advanced training and experience in the helping professions and (2) to provide efficient and effective coaching services to executives, professionals, and individuals. David has provided coaching services to individuals who work in numerous business areas, including medicine, insurance, consulting, psychology, public accounting, and construction. He also supervises and provides consultation to other professional coaches.

A coach is a catalyst: A coach helps things happen without participating in the action. The client is the expert - the power - and the coach adds motivation, direction, goal-orientation, objective analysis, experience, and a vision of success. Confidential coaching services are personalized to each client based upon the situation, personality, and desired goals. David is an expert in the processes for smooth goal achievement. He provides personal coaching for success by integrating the creative process with empowering strategic plans. Coaching for groups, staff, and team-building is also available. We offer personality testing to promote clear communications, deeper understanding, and effective relationships.

David provides private Executive Coaching services at his offices, over the telephone or Skype, and in person at the client's business sites. He also presents seminars and workshops for management and employees on:

  • Communications and Interpersonal Relations
  • Development of Leadership Skills
  • Effective Problem Solving
  • Respectful and Efficient Conflict Resolution
  • Working with Personal and Cultural Differences
  • Managing Anxiety and Personal Emotions
  • Increasing Motivation
  • Setting and Achieving Goals

He has provided these Executive Coaching services in numerous locations, from California to Florida, and overseas in Dubai, Kazakhstan, Prague, Azerbaijan, Tbilisi, and Moscow.

Privately Owned Business

Having been an entrepreneur for 25 years and a psychotherapist specializing in relationships for 25 years, David is particularly suited to work with family businesses, partnerships, and medical practices. It is crucial for business owners and managers to get along, yet there are inevitable problems (much like a marriage). The dual relationships that ensue can cause significant conflict in both their personal and professional relationships. This is often aggravated by differing personalities. An outside, neutral, and expert consultant who utilizes a safe, respectful, and positive approach can make the difference between long term success and failure. David can help establish workable communication styles and systems to minimize problems and maximize personal effectiveness.

The primary opportunity for management is to get the most from suppliers, customers, advisors, employees, and other business relationships. The primary problem is that all of these people have different personalities and interests. Creating successful business relationships requires effective communications on different levels. It becomes crucial to thoroughly understand gender differences, personality variability, and communication styles. David’s extensive background in these issues includes the works of Dr. John Gray (Mars & Venus in the Workplace), Dr. Deborah Tannen (Talking from Nine to Five), and the testing of personality types. He can help you toward your goal of peak effectiveness.