North Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor

Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor

National Certified Counselor

Board Certified Sex Therapist

Distance Credentialed Counselor

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida and a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in North Carolina. For over 25 years, I've helped hundreds of people with personal and relationship issues with various methods of brief, solution-oriented counseling. I also have advanced certification in sex therapy. My substantial trainings and certifications give me a unique opportunity to help clients in the areas of relationships, communications, stress, LGBT Issues, grief, anxiety, career counseling, and executive coaching.

Personal Statement

I have an unconditional commitment to each of my clients to be open and honest, to be focused on their life-enhancing goals, and to work in a proactive manner to achieve these goals in the briefest possible time. I am positive and affirming. I perform my work with patience, integrity, wisdom, and understanding. I respect the courage it takes for each of my clients to face their problems and to seek help. My goal is to work -- and work hard -- to bring peace, safety and fulfillment into as many lives as I can.

My foremost area of expertise, in a word, is relationships: Helping people get along safely, peacefully, effectively, and respectfully. Relationships are the most important and rewarding aspect of our lives. As a result, they can also be the most painful. I have studied relationships from many different perspectives, including John Gray (Mars & Venus), with whom I worked for six years as a part of his Counseling Center network. I have studied many other relationships experts, such as John Gottman, William Glasser, Deborah Tannen, Harville Hendricks, Michelle Weiner-Davis, and, yes, even Dr. Phil. This variety enables me to provide personalized assistance to individuals and couples based on their unique situations. Clients don’t need to fit into my mold; I fit into the mold of my clients. I work with clients on all types of adult relationships and on all facets of relationship issues.


Relationship Counseling Services can include:

  • Pre-marriage counseling
  • Relationship and marriage counseling & testing
  • Recovering from affairs
  • Counseling with one person to enhance a relationship
  • Gay and lesbian relationships
  • Dealing with the loss of a relationship; grief, anger, & depression
  • Being single: Searching for a fulfilling partnership

Whether it is your relationship with another person or your relationship with yourself, emotions can have a significant impact on your life. Emotions are a natural and important aspect of being human. But when emotions are expressed inappropriately, such as in anger, by withdrawing, or shutting down, they can severely interfere with our struggle for happiness. When negative emotions take charge, we always lose. I help clients deal with and resolve the emotional and practical effects of life’s changes and problems.
Personal Counseling Services can include:

  • Anger and impulse management
  • Stress management and relaxation
  • Recovery and resilience: dealing with grief, loss, and life-limiting illness.
  • Assessing and treating anxiety and fears
  • Diagnosing and treating the various forms of depression
  • Self-esteem & goal achievement: your relationship with yourself

There is no human activity that is more rewarding and fulfilling than a deeply intimate relationship. Sex is the hallmark of intimacy. Yet sex issues are sensitive and can be difficult to identify, discuss, and resolve. As a result, we are overwhelmed with confusion, doubt, and uncertainty about what good sex is, what it means, and how to have a fulfilling sex life. An environment of safety and non-judgmental communication is central to my approach to sex therapy issues as we develop and carry out the client’s personalized plan. As a Board Certified Diplomate in Sex Therapy, I can work with individuals and couples who have concerns about all aspects of sexuality. The goal is to create a safe, meaningful, and fulfilling sexual relationship.
Sex Counseling Services can include:

  • Differences in desire for sex
  • How to enhance sexual relations
  • Sexual orientation issues: Gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, and transgendered
  • Rapid ejaculation, erection difficulties, and other performance concerns
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Orgasmic difficulties
  • Sexual inhibition

“I’m sorry but our time is up.” I hate to say this to clients as much as they hate to hear it. It can come at a time when we’re in the middle of making progress on some important issue—then we have to wait a week or more before getting back into the process. The weekly 50-minute therapy session was established years ago by insurance companies. It has become the common standard.
Some clients want more; they want counseling that fits with their desires and schedules. For this reason, I offer Intensive Counseling for those who wish to aggressively attack and resolve their problems and to reach their goals in the fastest time. Clients have come to me for Intensive Counseling from locations such as New Orleans, Brazil, Japan, Washington, and Miami. In addition, I have travelled to Moscow, Dubai, Tbilisi (Georgia), Baku (Azerbaijan), and Prague to provide intensive counseling and coaching for clients. Intensive Counseling sessions can be from three to eight hours a day and can be conducted over consecutive days. For clients from another city or country, the meetings can be eight hours a day over two to seven days. No distractions, no delays, no interrupting the flow of progress. There’s time for me to really get to know you and your problems, for us to explore various methods for resolving your issues, to decide which methods and approaches are the best fit for you, and for us to reduce your emotional pressures and create a safe atmosphere of understanding and respect. It allows concentrated focus on you and your issues. This allows me to work in ways that are beneficial to my clients, not to the insurance companies. (That is one reason I don’t work with insurance providers.) I am highly goal-oriented, and I have found Intensive Counseling to be a most efficient way to pursue goals in the least amount of time.

Intensive Counseling may be considered if any of the following pertain to you:

  • You live a distance away from my office
  • You have a critical situation
  • You want rapid answers or resolution to your counseling needs
  • You like to choose a counseling schedule that fits your schedule
  • You have limited amounts of free time
  • You have the ability to make the investment of time and money up front rather than spread the counseling out over several weeks or months